Bringing Fulfillment, Health and Success to your life is my priority.

My name is Lee and I’m an Environmental Psychologist, Wellbeing Trainer and Functional Life Coach based in Preston, Lancashire. I guide companies and individuals through a functional process to deliver exceptional performance. Through personal life coaching, bespoke nutrition and cognitive analysis, I assist you in the process of growing closer to achieving your dreams and ambitions.

Do you think you are not meeting your potential? Are you struggling for clarity on the direction that’s best for you, or feel disconnected from your purpose or vision for your life? Investing in a life coach can provide you with support and a structure to take your life to the next level.

When you work with me as your life coach, we will evolve the parts of your world that are vital to your progress and happiness. We work on your Functional Fundamentals – Energy, Wealth, Mind, Relationships, Body and Spirit.

When you invest in a professional to impart the most productive methods and systems, you can acquire the highest possible benefits from your coaching. By having a planned discussion weekly, you get accountability, guidance and insight. Having a supporter and partner who is passionate about seeing you grow and develop, you have both a framework and the encouragement to achieve your goals.

I have dedicated the last ten years to comprehend the fundamentals of living optimally, and I wish to bestow everything I have learned to you.

If you are interested in my bespoke life coaching for individuals, please visit my life coaching page. Are you a forward thinking business looking to upgrade the output of your employees? Take a look at my workplace wellbeing and business coaching services. Or maybe you are just thinking about how you can develop and get better every day. Come and read my blog, its full of bright ideas.

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What is Functional Life Coaching?

My bespoke strategy designed to move towards the ideal you,

Target Your Ambitions

Baby steps towards your wildly important goals. As your life coach, I assist you in defining your aspirations and create a plan for you to follow to get you ever closer to your dreams.

Optimize Your Energy

Using the latest science and strategies, we work together to implement upgrades to your sleep, nutrition, exercise and attention. With this surge of vitality, we can unlock a higher level of productivity.

Craft Your Mindset

As your life coach, we develop your mind by firstly learning to identify then understand what has been stopping you in the past. We then break these patterns and build a new mindset fostering growth, resilience, and antifragile confidence.

Upgrade Your Software

Our work together focuses on installing new positive habits while rewiring negative habits you wish to change. We also build in morning and evening routines, which help you stay consistent towards achieving your vision of success.


From My Coaching Clients

  • 5 star review  Lee worked his magic and assisted me in understanding my mindset and emotions. We had never met before and I found it easier to have a conversation with a complete stranger, not feel judged, and be open and honest. We had sessions on habits, abundance, energy and confidence. It’s made a huge difference in my day to day life. I highly recommend you try him out, and you'll understand how I feel.

    thumb Jennifer Hamilton

    5 star review  I found Lee on Google and decided to come up from Bolton to give him a opportunity to make a difference in my life. He is a lovely chap and as we worked through my desires and dreams, I felt deeply connected to him and this made it worthwhile. He has a intriguing blend of ancient wisdom, positive psychology and science converted and made relevant to the modern work we live in. He clearly puts a lot of effort in and his style is very positive.

    thumb Sarah Minifie

    5 star review  I found my career coaching with Lee refreshing and thought provoking, as I was expecting the same old generic stuff. Lee's combination of coaching expertise mixed with great enthusiasm and observations helped me foster a deeper understanding of myself, inspired me to make change and see my potential in a new and positive way. I feel more empowered to taken on new challenges and to explore opportunities with a pathway in my mind of where I'm looking to end up.

    thumb Faith Peters
  • 5 star review  Professional, supportive and insightful, Lee is fabulous to work alongside. He opens you up, helps you understand yourself, then gives you the strategies to build yourself back up in a better way. He's a great listener, I felt like I was moaning a lot at times. I always leave feeling happier, more positive and armed with a plan and things to ponder at home. I'd suggest Lee to anyone who is lacking direction or just wants some extra help. It was quite a distance to Preston but it was well worth it.

    thumb Sharon Blanchard

    5 star review  One of the best investments I have ever made. Lee is honest, supportive and makes you feel at ease, his insights and authentic approach made me look forward to doing the work to grow. He doesn't miss a beat, dismiss anything or leave any stone unturned, he doesn't do life hacks and pretend he is a guru. He has empowered me to be a more loving, happy and thoughtful human. I thought he might be very different due to him previously being a sports and business coach, but I was wrong!

    thumb Eva S. Pham

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