I help you get the best out of your employees by creating environments that boost productivity, performance and innovation.

Lee Chambers is an award-winning psychologist and entrepreneur based in Preston in the United Kingdom. He is the founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing, a training and consultancy company with a focus on improving productivity through inclusion and wellbeing advancement. We work across a number of different areas to achieve this, through the embedding of wellbeing strategies into business processes, to assisting with the planning, implementation and measuring of impact.

We provide Environmental Psychology assessments, giving you valuable insights into how to create spaces that foster creativity, focus and engagement within your workforce. Our assessments are bespoke to each employee, taking into account how they interact with their environment, the challenges they face in their position, and the overall aims and objectives of the business. Using this personalised approach, we can optimise individual employees in different roles, whether they be office based, multi-site or working remotely.

We can integrate these assessments with our wellbeing delivery, offering your employees not only a personalised workspace plan but assist them in implementing optimal nutrition and sleep. We can also help them build a resilient organisational growth mindset, further increasing their potential to thrive in your workplace and deliver much closer to their optimal potential.

What is an Environmental Psychologist?

Environmental Psychology is the exploration of how humans relate to the external world around them. We focus on how both natural and humanmade structures and surroundings influence our thinking, feelings, behaviours and interactions. We look at the connection between the design of houses and spaces we share with others, and how that can directly impact the wellness, productivity, creativity and mood of its occupants.

We often have a fluid role, as we have all have psychological attachments to the physical spaces we inhabit. Working with city planners, architects, and landscape designers, we look at how we can develop sustainable environments and construct places and spaces that foster improvement in individuals and organisations.

In my role as an Environmental Psychologist, my main focus is on creating workspaces that promote continuous improvement and innovation. I am also passionate about assisting organisations in making use of the therapeutic effect of taking employees out into nature as part of a structure to promote high levels of engaged, motivated and attentive staff.

My personal motivation is simple. After losing the ability to walk in 2014, I now value the vital role your environment plays in recovery and health outcomes. And now I channel this desire to help people understand creating an environment that helps you thrive, and boosts your employers business or your business to new heights.

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How does an Environmental Psychologist help you become more productive?

Our bespoke strategy designed to move towards high performance,

Assess Your Employees

We individually access your employees to deduce how to create environments for them that cultivate higher levels of performance and wellbeing.

Assess Your Organisation

We look at your business, what you have available, and the culture that's currently in place. We look at your industry, your challenges and how we can overcome obstacles to change of environments.

Craft Your Plan

We work alongside you to design a plan to create environments that promote innovation, creativity and high levels of morale. We take into account your business needs and build the employees needs into a framework for delivery.

Implement, Embed and Measure

We assist you in implementing the environmental change, acclimatise your employees so they can get instant benefits, and support you on measuring the change and evolving your strategies.

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