Hire Me As Your Keynote Speaker

I enjoy speaking at educational establishments, organisations, and conventions. I find it is an excellent way to broadcast my passion and my insights with a broad spectrum of society. The subject matter that I am often invited to speak on revolves around sleep optimisation, resilience and nutrition. My delivery actively exhibits my desire to help others grow, and my style of making complex science actionable is often complimented.

I currently have limited availability for speaker bookings in 2020. My fees are based on travel, the subject of the talk, and the type of event. Please contact me below for a quotation. I have a selection of presentations, which having been previously delivered, can be offered for performance within a short timescale. I can also create fresh and bespoke content specific to your needs.

I have short courses of lectures on the nature of entrepreneurship, morning routines, habit-changing and sleep for performance.

I also have several longer presentations on the power of work-life integration, creating monumental days, and using ancient philosophy to become a modern hero. These topics are eye-opening and identify things we often miss, leaving your audience with some valuable takeaways to mull on and implement.

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