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Are you struggling with your thoughts, with your health or your wealth goals? Or maybe in your relationships, or you are at a crossroads in your life? Maybe you are feeling ready to flourish and become who you need to be to feel fulfilled? If you are ready to grow and develop, a coach will be a fast track to your highest potential.

Having someone by your side, as your ally, who can see your strengths and offer advice and guidance, is an opportunity few have. A minority of people spend time being reflective and creating strategies to live by design, rather than default. We work tirelessly towards goals that we have defined without honestly thinking about why we want them and use simple plans that we haven’t analysed. Even the most reflective individuals struggle to be truthful and unbiased with themselves.

Functional Life Coaching Structure

My mission as your coach is to seek a superior version of you continuously.
The majority of coachees have once a week private sessions where we can look back on the past week progress. We also check-in on your goals, and plan a strategy for the coming week. We openly explore any obstacles or adversity you are facing and find ways to solve or mitigate them.

Moving forward is usually not a case of how, as we often know how to meet our goals. In our coaching meetings, we examine why you want to achieve these goals, using this as a catalyst to achieving your desired future.

My style involves deep questioning, using coaching resources and tools to identify your strengths and your traits. We then align these to your vision of your ideal self and help you build the fundamentals. Then we design a plan for you while supporting you as you gain the understanding of yourself to thrive and grow.

In our meetings, we dissect your life into the vitally important areas. While these are personal and can be changed, we usually work on: Health, Energy, Finance, Career, Relationships, Mindset, Recreation and Fulfillment. We then explore ways to upgrade your life in each area.

Movement, Nutrition, Sleep and Focus

The Fundamentals

A unique part of my coaching approach is to look at personal growth from an energy management perspective. In my experience, many clients struggle to attain their goals until we address their energy. Through optimising sleep, movement, nutrition, digital distraction and recovery, I get you functioning at a level of peak performance. It is the core principle of my functional coaching, and I take great pleasure turning you into an energised achievement machine!

Private Life Coaching that flexible to your circumstances.

Coaching packages start at £300 per month. This includes four calls or meetings, worksheets, and first-level access to me by phone or email. Bespoke packages with access to our resource vault, deep work sessions, fast track and unlimited access are available; please inquire for more details.

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