I help you unleash your inner athlete by supporting you to find a perfect nutritional plan for your body and mind.

I am Lee Chambers SENr, a Certified Performance Nutritionist, and I am the founder of Essentialise, a Workplace Well-being coaching and workshop provider. Based in Preston, Lancashire, we work with individuals and small businesses to optimise productivity and well-being. We do this in several ways, with a significant focus being on the education, awareness and understanding of what we are eating, and how this affects our ability to perform in all areas of our lives.

We regularly run workshops around how what we eat affects not only our weight but also our hormones, our sleep, how much focus we have, and how effective our exercise is. We assist clients in taking a step back and getting a solid baseline level of nutritional education. Then we provide them with the tools and support to start making small actionable changes to their diets and encourage experimenting to learn what foods energise them. It’s essential to build the link between the food we eat, and what we feel afterwards when creating a pathway to eat for high levels of performance.

What is a Performance Nutritionist?

Performance Nutritionists focus on person-centric delivery of nutritional planning, education and implementation to increase human performance. This can come through nutrition for body composition, for strength development, for optimal recovery or increased cognitive focus. A big focus is around coaching clients and shaping their behaviour to make the right decision in different situations. This bespoke nutritional planning is evidence-based and designed to achieve a defined target.

My focus is on how we can all adapt our nutrition to be perfect for our bodies, giving us the energy to perform at our highest levels. As we all have our microbiome collection, our epigenetic expression and our enzyme makeup, no one diet plan or nutritional belief will be perfect for you. We have to experiment what works for your bodies and our minds, and I support clients in discovering this and then designing a diet that is personalised for them. My overall goal is to take all the knowledge I gained from my career in elite sports, and help you become an athlete of your own life. With this, you will have both the energy and the performance to do more of the things you love to do.

Performance Nutritionist Lee Chambers Essentialise Preston

How do Performance Nutritionists help you to increase your energy?

Our bespoke strategy designed to move towards high performance,

Define A Target

We individually assess your aims and objectives and get a defined goal in place to work towards. We take a look at what performance means for you.

Nutritional Education

We look at where your nutritional knowledge is and guide you through the process of gaining actionable science-based nutrition working knowledge.

Experiment and Measure

We work alongside you to test and measure what works for you, with journalling and measurements taken so we have qualitative data to tailor our plans.

Designing a Plan

We assist you in designing a nutritional plan that is bespoke to you, based around the foods that energise you, with a little bit of the foods you can tolerate.

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