Performance Coaching for SME's

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Upgrade your staff with the latest performance strategies.

Imagine there was a way to make your employees more energetic, innovative, focused and take less sick leave. The methods and techniques were grounded in repeatable science across a multitude of studies. And this approach is highly under-utilised within UK businesses.

I provide functional business coaching, with a focus on optimising staff members energy. While building a routine for maximal energy, we implant them with a business growth mindset and tailor their habits towards exceptional levels of focus and productivity. These changes unlock your workforce to excel in their roles.

The majority of business staff development focuses on technical, efficiency or speed aspects, and while useful, the returns are limited unless employee fundamentals are built and optimised first. The results I achieve are measurable and make the recipient feel they are being valued and invested in. My methods help staff grow in areas that are vital to success but often neglected, and we are the cutting edge Business Coach in Preston.

Building the Entire Employee

My Business Progress Program upgrades the body and mind of your workers in the following disciplines:

  • Using Environmental Psychology to shape the workspace, promoting the productive and creative flow
  • Building workplace resilience through deep questioning and scenario planning
  • Creating an Energy Management Plan by implementing sleep, nutrition, movement and focus optimisations
  • Embedding morning and evening routines to improve workplace performance and decrease sickness
  • Installing an Organisational Growth Mindset, creating dynamic and problem-solving employees

The core principle is clear: cultivate and enrich physical and mental fortitude to excel at your job. The above principles have been scientifically researched. A sample of the latest data is available on request.

Give your employees the Edge

If you are ready to reap the benefits of an optimised workforce and gain the advantage, contact me to begin the change.