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My name is Lee Chambers, and I’m a Workplace Wellbeing Coach and Trainer, and Founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing. We guide businesses through the process of creating a wellbeing culture and strategy, that increases both the productivity and profitability of your organisation. Our initiatives are designed to increase employee awareness of how investing in their wellbeing, both physically and mentally, can improve their productivity and their quality of life. We also assist them in implementing change and taking responsibility for their advancement.

We are also passionate about making sustainable changes that can be embedded into business processes. We carry out employee health checks, using this data as a baseline level of measurement. We host workshops to increase employee awareness, and coach individual team members who are need of a higher level of engagement. We actively train wellbeing champions within your organisation who can deliver actionable steps and signpost other employees, building a culture of wellbeing internally. We support you to continually measure, plan and embed a wellbeing strategy that works, looking at the wellbeing challenges of the future, and addressing them now in a preventative way, so you are protected when those challenges arise.

Our delivery is CPD accredited, aligned with the Workplace Wellbeing Charter, and continually evolving to ensure that we provide you with the cutting edge solutions to give your employees the hidden advantage that is under-utilised here in the UK.

Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing Mental and Physical Health

What are the Benefits of a Bespoke Workplace Wellbeing Strategy?

Here are just some of the benefits derived from a personalised workplace wellbeing plan.

  1. Higher Employee Engagement – Employees are more engaged with their work tasks when they are eating well, sleeping enough, and feel that your organisation cares about them.
  2. Higher Workplace Morale and Retention – Happy employees come into the office and spread happiness around, increasing morale and bonding teams so that people feel less inclined to look elsewhere for employment.
  3. Increased Attendance and Reduced Sickness Costs – Employees with a higher level of wellbeing have better health outcomes, reducing incidences of sick leave, duration of absence, and have a more positive return to work experience.
  4. A Reputation of Looking After Your Employees – The number one reason for employees feeling that an organisation doesn’t value them is simply showing an appreciation that you care for their lives, and caring about their wellbeing demonstrates this.
  5. Higher Perfromance, Efficiency and Innovation – Employees that are focused, attentive and engaged with their jobs have the cognitive capacity to do more and create more, as well as think outside the box
  6. Less Conflict and Fewer Mistakes – Higher wellbeing, especially around sleep and mindset, lead to a grateful focused workforce, who argue less and make less mistakes, saving you the time and cost of fixing errors and managing disputes
  7. Higher Profits and Attracting Talent – This increased productivity and reduced costs creates higher profits, a successful forward thinking reputation, and this in turn is a magnet to attracting the best talent in the industry.
Benefits of Bespoke Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing Strategy
Essentialise Workplace Employee Wellbeing Services

What Workplace Wellbeing Services do we Offer?

We have access to partners who can offer even more, just ask!

  • Employee Health Checks and Health Screening
  • Physical Health Workshops
  • Mental Health Workshops
  • Health Awareness Events
  • Workplace Walks
  • Wellbeing Champion and Communities Training
  • Individual and Small Team Coaching
  • Massage and Other Alternative Therapies
  • Employee Assistance Programs
  • Wellbeing Culture Leadership Training

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How can Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing help your business?

Our bespoke strategy designed to move towards high performance,

Health Assessments

We individually access your employees to get a baseline measurement and find areas we can assist them to make improvements.

Awareness Workshops

We run a series of workshops looking at how sleep, nutrition, movement, habits and mindset integrate to create a framework for high productivity and wellbeing.

Wellbeing Champion Training

We work alongside you to create Wellbeing Champions and a Wellbeing Community in your organisation which promotes best practice from within, increasing gains and embedding strategies.

Ongoing Support

We assist you in implementing the strategies to continue to plan, measure and implement wellbeing strategy into your business processes so you can continue to reap the rewards of a happy healthy workforce.

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